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American Express



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[EN] American Express


[EN] American Express is a credit or charge card that can be used for online payments. American Express is amongst the major credit card brands in the world.  

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Payment Services

The list of Payment Services based on the American Express

Icon Name Code
americanexpress americanexpress_eur_hpp americanexpress_eur_hpp

Payment Providers

The list of Payment Providers that support the American Express

Icon Name Code
cxpay CX Pay cxpay
omnipayment OmniPayment omnipayment
merchantscout MerchantScout merchantscout
firstatlanticcommerce First Atlantic Commerce firstatlanticcommerce
magnius Magnius magnius
iyzipayments iyzico iyzipayments
paydoo Paydoo paydoo
dalberry Dalberry dalberry
ccnow CCNow ccnow
paymill PAYMILL paymill
hipay HiPay hipay
4cash 4Cash 4cash
comerciaglobalpayments Comercia Global Payments comerciaglobalpayments
ikajo Ikajo ikajo
heidelpay Heidelpay heidelpay
atosworldline Worldline atosworldline
ingenicopaymentservices Ingenico ePayments ingenicopaymentservices
cngpro CNG Pro cngpro
paygol PayGol paygol
acapture Acapture acapture
lemonway Lemon Way lemonway
securenetllc SecureNet LLC securenetllc
dalpay DalPay dalpay
safecharge SafeCharge safecharge
spryng Spryng Payments spryng
buckaroo Buckaroo buckaroo
alternativepayments Alternative Payments alternativepayments
payu PayU payu
docdatapayments docdata payments docdatapayments
kalixa Kalixa Payments Group kalixa
vantagepayments Vantage Payments vantagepayments
nextpay NextPay nextpay
smart2pay Smart2Pay smart2pay
skrill Skrill skrill
intelligentpayments Intelligent Payments intelligentpayments
payvision Payvision payvision
g2apay G2A PAY g2apay
be2bill Be2bill be2bill
multisafepay MultiSafepay multisafepay
boacompra UOL BoaCompra boacompra
hipaymobile HiPay Mobile hipaymobile
altapay AltaPay altapay
payzoff Payzoff payzoff
adyen Adyen adyen
ebillingsolutions EBS ebillingsolutions
maxpay Maxpay maxpay
europeanmerchantservices EMS europeanmerchantservices
payrexx Payrexx Payments payrexx
alliedwallet2 Allied Wallet alliedwallet2
kingpaypayments KingPay kingpaypayments
computop Computop computop
aretosystems Areto Systems aretosystems
ebanx EBANX ebanx
klikpay Klik & Pay klikpay
dengionline Dengi Online dengionline
worldpay Worldpay worldpay
easypaymentgateway Easy Payment Gateway easypaymentgateway
checkoutbyamazon Amazon Payments checkoutbyamazon
allpago allpago - accept payments in Latin America allpago
quickpay QuickPay quickpay
faspay Faspay faspay
algocharge ALGOCHARGE algocharge
2checkoutcom 2Checkout 2checkoutcom
paymentasia Payment Asia paymentasia
asiapay AsiaPay asiapay
multicards MultiCards Internet Billing multicards
2c2p 2C2P 2c2p
ccvpay CCV Pay ccvpay
assist ASSIST assist
payfort PayFort payfort
yuupay YuuPay yuupay
abilipay abilipay abilipay
wirecard Wirecard wirecard
ipay88 iPay88 ipay88

JSON Object

    "en":"American Express"
    "en":"American Express is a credit or charge card that can be used for online payments. American Express is amongst the major credit card brands in the world. \u00a0"