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Payment Services

Method Logo Method Name Code Currency
ACB Bank ACB Bank acb_bank_vnd_hpp VND
AdvCash AdvCash advcash_wallet_brl_hpp BRL
AdvCash AdvCash advcash_wallet_eur_hpp EUR
AdvCash AdvCash advcash_wallet_gbp_hpp GBP
AdvCash AdvCash advcash_wallet_kzt_hpp KZT
AdvCash AdvCash advcash_wallet_rub_hpp RUB
AdvCash AdvCash advcash_wallet_uah_hpp UAH
AdvCash AdvCash advcash_wallet_usd_hpp USD
Agricultural Bank of China Agricultural Bank of China agricultural_bank_of_china_cny_hpp CNY
Alfa Click Alfa Click alfaclick_eur_hpp EUR
Alfa Click Alfa Click alfaclick_kzt_hpp KZT
Alfa Click Alfa Click alfaclick_rub_hpp RUB
Alfa Click Alfa Click alfaclick_usd_hpp USD alipay_cny_hpp CNY alipay_eur_hpp EUR
American Express American Express americanexpress_eur_hpp EUR
Apple Pay Apple Pay applepay_uah_hpp UAH
Astropay - Cash / Invoice Astropay - Cash / Invoice astropaycash_eur_hpp EUR
Astropay - Direct Bank Transfer Astropay - Direct Bank Transfer astropaydirect_eur_hpp EUR
Astropay - Manual Bank Transfer Astropay - Manual Bank Transfer astropaymanual_eur_hpp EUR
Astropay - Unionpay Astropay - Unionpay astropayunion_eur_hpp EUR
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Australia and New Zealand Banking Group australia_and_new_zealand_banking_group_aud_hpp AUD
Axis Bank Axis Bank axis_bank_inr_hpp INR
Bangkok Bank Bangkok Bank bangko_bank_thb_hpp THB
Card Card bank_card_eur_hpp EUR
Card Card bank_card_gbp_hpp GBP
Card Card bank_card_gel_hpp GEL
Card Card bank_card_rub_hpp RUB
Card Card bank_card_try_hpp TRY
Card Card bank_card_uah_hpp UAH
Card Card bank_card_usd_hpp USD
Bank Central Asia Bank Central Asia bank_central_asia_idr_hpp IDR
Bank Negara Indonesia Bank Negara Indonesia bank_negara_indonesia_idr_hpp IDR
Bank of Baroda Bank of Baroda bank_of_baroda_inr_hpp INR
Bank of China Bank of China bank_of_china_cny_hpp CNY
Bank of Communication Bank of Communication bank_of_communication_cny_hpp CNY
Bank of India Bank of India bank_of_india_inr_hpp INR
Bank Rakyat Indonesia Bank Rakyat Indonesia bank_rakyat_indonesia_idr_hpp IDR
Beeline Beeline beeline_rub_hpp RUB
BIDV Bank BIDV Bank bidv_bank_vnd_hpp VND
Bitcoin Bitcoin bitcoin_bch_hpp BCH
Bitcoin Bitcoin bitcoin_btc_hpp BTC
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash bitcoin_cash_bch_hpp BCH
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash bitcoin_cash_btc_hpp BTC
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash bitcoin_cash_eth_hpp ETH
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash bitcoin_cash_eur_hpp EUR
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash bitcoin_cash_ltc_hpp LTC
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash bitcoin_cash_usd_hpp USD
Bitcoin Bitcoin bitcoin_eth_hpp ETH
Bitcoin Bitcoin bitcoin_eur_hpp EUR
Bitcoin Bitcoin bitcoin_ltc_hpp LTC
Bitcoin Bitcoin bitcoin_rub_hpp RUB
Bitcoin Bitcoin bitcoin_usd_hpp USD
BRI Bank BRI Bank bri_bank_cny_hpp CNY
BTN Bank BTN Bank btn_bank_idr_hpp IDR
Busan Bank Busan Bank busan_bank_krw_hpp KRW
Canara Bank Canara Bank canara_bank_inr_hpp INR
CartaSi CartaSi cartasi_eur_hpp EUR
Carte Bleue Carte Bleue cartebleue_eur_hpp EUR
Cash Cash cash_eur_hpp EUR
Cash Cash cash_rub_hpp RUB
Cash Cash cash_uah_hpp UAH
Cash Cash cash_usd_hpp USD
Central Bank of India Central Bank of India central_bank_of_india_inr_hpp INR
China Citic Bank China Citic Bank china_citic_bank_cny_hpp CNY
China Construction Bank China Construction Bank china_construction_bank_cny_hpp CNY
China Everbright Bank China Everbright Bank china_everbright_bank_cny_hpp CNY
China Guangfa Bank China Guangfa Bank china_guangfa_bank_cny_hpp CNY
China Merchants Bank China Merchants Bank china_merchants_bank_cny_hpp CNY
China Minsheng Bank China Minsheng Bank china_minsheng_bank_cny_hpp CNY
China Postal Savings Bank China Postal Savings Bank china_postal_savings_bank_cny_hpp CNY
China Union Pay China Union Pay china_union_pay_cny_hpp CNY
CIMB Clicks Bank CIMB Clicks Bank cimb_clicks_bank_myr_hpp MYR
CIMB Clicks Indonesia CIMB Clicks Indonesia cimb_clicks_indonesia_idr_hpp IDR
Citibank Korea Citibank Korea citibank_korea_krw_hpp KRW
CoinGate CoinGate coingate_eur_hpp EUR
CoinGate CoinGate coingate_usd_hpp USD
Commonwealth Bank Commonwealth Bank commonwealth_bank_aud_hpp AUD
CRYPTO CRYPTO crypto_btc_hpp BTC
Daegu Bank Daegu Bank daegu_bank_krw_hpp KRW
Danamon Bank Danamon Bank danamon_bank_idr_hpp IDR
Dankort Dankort dankort_eur_hpp EUR
Diners Club International Diners Club International dinersclub_eur_hpp EUR
Direct Debit Direct Debit directdebit_eur_hpp EUR
Dong A Bank Dong A Bank dong_a_bank_vnd_hpp VND
EasyPay EasyPay easypay_uah_hpp UAH epaybg_eur_hpp EUR
eps e-payment eps e-payment eps_eur_hpp EUR
Ethereum Ethereum ethereum_bch_hpp BCH
Ethereum Ethereum ethereum_btc_hpp BTC
Ethereum Ethereum ethereum_eth_hpp ETH
Ethereum Ethereum ethereum_eur_hpp EUR
Ethereum Ethereum ethereum_ltc_hpp LTC
Ethereum Ethereum ethereum_usd_hpp USD
Euroset Euroset euroset_rub_hpp RUB
EVERRICH Postal Savings and Insurance Bank EVERRICH Postal Savings and Insurance Bank everrich_postal_savings_and_insurance_bank_krw_hpp KRW
Exim Bank Exim Bank exim_bank_vnd_hpp VND
Exmo Exmo exmo_eur_hpp EUR
Exmo Exmo exmo_rub_hpp RUB
Exmo Exmo exmo_uah_hpp UAH
Exmo Exmo exmo_usd_hpp USD
GE Money GE Money gemoney_gel_hpp GEL
GEO Pay GEO Pay geopaynet_grn_hpp GRN
GEO Pay GEO Pay geopaynet_uah_hpp UAH
Giropay Giropay giropay_eur_hpp EUR
Hana Bank Hana Bank hana_bank_krw_hpp KRW
HDFC Bank HDFC Bank hdfc_bank_inr_hpp INR
Hong Leong Bank Hong Leong Bank hong_leong_bank_myr_hpp MYR
ICICI Bank ICICI Bank icici_bank_inr_hpp INR
IDBI Bank IDBI Bank idbi_bank_inr_hpp INR
iDEAL iDEAL ideal_eur_hpp EUR
Indian Bank Indian Bank indian_bank_inr_hpp INR
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China industrial_and_commercial_bank_of_china_cny_hpp CNY
Industrial Bank Industrial Bank industrial_bank_cny_hpp CNY
Industrial Bank of Korea Industrial Bank of Korea industrial_bank_of_korea_krw_hpp KRW
ING Bank(Poland) ING Bank(Poland) ingbankpl_pln_hpp PLN
Interkassa Interkassa interkassa_eur_hpp EUR
Interkassa Interkassa interkassa_rub_hpp RUB
Interkassa Interkassa interkassa_uah_hpp UAH
Interkassa Interkassa interkassa_usd_hpp USD
Interkassa Interkassa interkassa_wme_hpp WME
Interkassa Interkassa interkassa_wmr_hpp WMR
Interkassa Interkassa interkassa_wmu_hpp WMU
Interkassa Interkassa interkassa_wmz_hpp WMZ
JCB JCB jcb_eur_hpp EUR
Karnataka Bank Karnataka Bank karnataka_bank_inr_hpp INR
Kasikorn Bank Kasikorn Bank kasikorn_bank_thb_hpp THB
Klarna Klarna klarna_eur_hpp EUR
Kookmin Bank Kookmin Bank kookmin_bank_krw_hpp KRW
Korea Development Bank Korea Development Bank korea_development_bank_krw_hpp KRW
Kotak Mahindra Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank kotak_mahindra_bank_inr_hpp INR
Krung Thai Bank Krung Thai Bank krung_thai_bank_thb_hpp THB
Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited) Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited) krungsri_thb_hpp THB
Kwangju Bank Kwangju Bank kwangju_bank_krw_hpp KRW
LiqPay LiqPay liqpay_eur_hpp EUR
LiqPay LiqPay liqpay_rub_hpp RUB
LiqPay LiqPay liqpay_uah_hpp UAH
LiqPay LiqPay liqpay_usd_hpp USD
LiqPay wallet LiqPay wallet liqpay_wallet_eur_hpp EUR
LiqPay wallet LiqPay wallet liqpay_wallet_rub_hpp RUB
LiqPay wallet LiqPay wallet liqpay_wallet_uah_hpp UAH
LiqPay wallet LiqPay wallet liqpay_wallet_usd_hpp USD
Litecoin Litecoin litecoin_bch_hpp BCH
Litecoin Litecoin litecoin_btc_hpp BTC
Litecoin Litecoin litecoin_eth_hpp ETH
Litecoin Litecoin litecoin_eur_hpp EUR
Litecoin Litecoin litecoin_ltc_hpp LTC
Litecoin Litecoin litecoin_usd_hpp USD
Maestro Maestro maestro_eur_hpp EUR
Maestro Maestro maestro_rub_hpp RUB
Mandiri Bank Mandiri Bank mandiri_bank_idr_hpp IDR
MasterCard MasterCard mastercard_eur_hpp EUR
MasterCard MasterCard mastercard_rub_hpp RUB
Masterpass Masterpass masterpass_eur_hpp EUR
Masterpass Masterpass masterpass_rub_hpp RUB
Masterpass Masterpass masterpass_uah_hpp UAH
Masterpass Masterpass masterpass_usd_hpp USD
May Bank May Bank may_bank_cny_hpp CNY
May Bank May Bank may_bank_myr_hpp MYR
Megafon Megafon megafon_rub_hpp RUB
MG Bank (Saemmul) MG Bank (Saemmul) mg_bank_saemmul_krw_hpp KRW
**** mir_rub_hpp RUB
MM Invoicing MM Invoicing mminvoicing_gel_hpp GEL
MTS MTS mts_rub_hpp RUB
National Australia Bank National Australia Bank national_australia_bank_aud_hpp AUD
NETELLER NETELLER neteller_eur_hpp EUR
Nonghyup Bank Nonghyup Bank nonghyup_bank_krw_hpp KRW
Nordea Solo Nordea Solo nordeasolo_eur_hpp EUR
Payeer Payeer payeer_eur_hpp EUR
Payeer Payeer payeer_rub_hpp RUB
Payeer Payeer payeer_usd_hpp USD
Payment card email Payment card email payment_card_email_eur_hpp EUR
Payment card Payment card payment_card_eur_hpp EUR
Payment card Payment card payment_card_gbp_hpp GBP
Payment card Payment card payment_card_gel_hpp GEL
Payment card Payment card payment_card_rub_hpp RUB
Payment card by token Payment card by token payment_card_token_eur_hpp EUR
Payment card by token Payment card by token payment_card_token_rub_hpp RUB
Payment card by token Payment card by token payment_card_token_uah_hpp UAH
Payment card by token Payment card by token payment_card_token_usd_hpp USD
Payment card Payment card payment_card_try_hpp TRY
Payment card Payment card payment_card_uah_hpp UAH
Payment card Payment card payment_card_usd_hpp USD
PayPal PayPal paypal_aud_hpp AUD
PayPal PayPal paypal_cad_hpp CAD
PayPal PayPal paypal_eur_hpp EUR
PayPal PayPal paypal_gbp_hpp GBP
PayPal PayPal paypal_huf_hpp HUF
PayPal PayPal paypal_usd_hpp USD
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_bgn_hpp BGN
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_chf_hpp CHF
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_czk_hpp CZK
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_dkk_hpp DKK
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_eur_hpp EUR
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_gbp_hpp GBP
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_hrk_hpp HRK
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_huf_hpp HUF
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_nok_hpp NOK
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_pln_hpp PLN
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_ron_hpp RON
Paysafecard Paysafecard paysafecard_sek_hpp SEK
Paysafecash Paysafecash paysafecash_eur_hpp EUR
Perfect Money Account Perfect Money Account perfectmoney_account_btc_hpp BTC
Perfect Money Account Perfect Money Account perfectmoney_account_eur_hpp EUR
Perfect Money Account Perfect Money Account perfectmoney_account_usd_hpp USD
Perfect Money Perfect Money perfectmoney_eur_hpp EUR
Perfect Money Perfect Money perfectmoney_usd_hpp USD
Perfect Money Voucher Perfect Money Voucher perfectmoney_voucher_btc_hpp BTC
Perfect Money Voucher Perfect Money Voucher perfectmoney_voucher_eur_hpp EUR
Perfect Money Voucher Perfect Money Voucher perfectmoney_voucher_usd_hpp USD
Permata Bank Permata Bank permata_bank_cny_hpp CNY
Permata Bank Permata Bank permata_bank_idr_hpp IDR
Ping An Bank Ping An Bank ping_an_bank_cny_hpp CNY
POLi Payments POLi Payments polipayonline_aud_hpp AUD
Postepay Postepay postepay_eur_hpp EUR
Privat24 Privat24 privat24_eur_hpp EUR
Privat24 Privat24 privat24_rub_hpp RUB
Privat24 Privat24 privat24_uah_hpp UAH
Privat24 Privat24 privat24_usd_hpp USD
Privatbank Terminals Privatbank Terminals privatbank_ssk_eur_hpp EUR
Privatbank Terminals Privatbank Terminals privatbank_ssk_rub_hpp RUB
Privatbank Terminals Privatbank Terminals privatbank_ssk_uah_hpp UAH
Privatbank Terminals Privatbank Terminals privatbank_ssk_usd_hpp USD
Przelewy24 Przelewy24 przelewy24_eur_hpp EUR
PSB-Retail PSB-Retail psbretail_rub_hpp RUB
Public Bank Public Bank public_bank_myr_hpp MYR
Punjab National Bank Punjab National Bank punjab_national_bank_inr_hpp INR
VISA QIWI Wallet VISA QIWI Wallet qiwi_eur_hpp EUR
VISA QIWI Wallet VISA QIWI Wallet qiwi_rub_hpp RUB
VISA QIWI Wallet VISA QIWI Wallet qiwi_usd_hpp USD
QQPay QQPay qqpay_cny_hpp CNY
Rapid Transfer Rapid Transfer rapidtransfer_eur_hpp EUR
RBK Money RBK Money rbkmoney_rub_hpp RUB
Resurs bank Resurs bank resursbank_eur_hpp EUR
RHB Bank RHB Bank rhb_bank_myr_hpp MYR
SACOM Bank SACOM Bank sacom_bank_vnd_hpp VND
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Shanghai Pudong Development Bank shanghai_pudong_development_bank_cny_hpp CNY
Shinhan Bank Shinhan Bank shinhan_bank_krw_hpp KRW
Siam Commercial Bank Siam Commercial Bank siam_commercial_bank_thb_hpp THB
Skrill Wallet Skrill Wallet skrill_eur_hpp EUR
SMS Billing SMS Billing smsbilling_rub_hpp RUB
Standard Charter Bank Standard Charter Bank standard_charter_bank_inr_hpp INR
Standard Chartered Bank Korea Standard Chartered Bank Korea standard_chartered_bank_korea_krw_hpp KRW
State Bank of India State Bank of India state_bank_of_india_inr_hpp INR
Suhyup Bank Suhyup Bank suhyup_bank_krw_hpp KRW
Svyaznoy Svyaznoy svyaznoy_rub_hpp RUB
SWIFT SWIFT swift_cny_invoice CNY
SWIFT SWIFT swift_eur_invoice EUR
SWIFT SWIFT swift_gbp_invoice GBP
SWIFT SWIFT swift_jpy_invoice JPY
SWIFT SWIFT swift_kzt_invoice KZT
SWIFT SWIFT swift_rub_invoice RUB
SWIFT SWIFT swift_usd_invoice USD
Techom Bank Techom Bank techom_bank_vnd_hpp VND
Tele2 Tele2 tele2ru_rub_hpp RUB
Test Test test_eur_test EUR
Test Test test_uah_test UAH
Test Test test_usd_test USD
Test Test test_xts_test XTS
Trustly Trustly trustly_eur_hpp EUR
Union Bank of India Union Bank of India union_bank_of_india_inr_hpp INR
Unionpay_QR Unionpay_QR unionpay_qr_cny_hpp CNY
UOBT UOBT uobt_thb_hpp THB
Tether Tether usdt_usd_hpp USD
VIETCOM Bank VIETCOM Bank vietcom_bank_vnd_hpp VND
VIETIN Bank VIETIN Bank vietin_bank_vnd_hpp VND
Visa Visa visa_eur_hpp EUR
Visa Visa visa_rub_hpp RUB
Visa Checkout Visa Checkout visacheckout_uah_hpp UAH
Visa Electron Visa Electron visaelectron_eur_hpp EUR
WebMoney Transfer WebMoney Transfer webmoneytransfer_rub_hpp RUB
WebMoney Transfer WebMoney Transfer webmoneytransfer_wmb_hpp WMB
WebMoney Transfer WebMoney Transfer webmoneytransfer_wme_hpp WME
WebMoney Transfer WebMoney Transfer webmoneytransfer_wmk_hpp WMK
WebMoney Transfer WebMoney Transfer webmoneytransfer_wmr_hpp WMR
WebMoney Transfer WebMoney Transfer webmoneytransfer_wmu_hpp WMU
WebMoney Transfer WebMoney Transfer webmoneytransfer_wmx_hpp WMX
WebMoney Transfer WebMoney Transfer webmoneytransfer_wmz_hpp WMZ
Wechat Wechat wechat_cny_hpp CNY
Westpac Westpac westpac_aud_hpp AUD
Woori Bank Woori Bank woori_bank_krw_hpp KRW
Yandex.Money Yandex.Money yandexmoney_rub_hpp RUB
Yes Bank Yes Bank yes_bank_inr_hpp INR