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Code: payment_card


[EN] Card

[UK] Card

[RU] Card

Category: payment_card





Payout Services

The list of Payout Services based on the Card

Icon Name Code
payment_card payment_card_uah payment_card_uah
payment_card card card
payment_card payment_card_pln payment_card_pln
payment_card payment_card_gbp payment_card_gbp
payment_card payment_card_ngn payment_card_ngn
payment_card payment_card_kgs payment_card_kgs
payment_card payment_card_tzs payment_card_tzs
payment_card payment_card_cny payment_card_cny
payment_card payment_card_usd payment_card_usd
payment_card payment_card_eur payment_card_eur
payment_card payment_card_rub payment_card_rub
payment_card payment_card_zar payment_card_zar
payment_card payment_card_ghs payment_card_ghs
payment_card payment_card_kes payment_card_kes
payment_card payment_card_tjs payment_card_tjs
payment_card payment_card_azn payment_card_azn
payment_card payment_card_tmt payment_card_tmt
payment_card payment_card_uzs payment_card_uzs
payment_card payment_card_holder_rub payment_card_holder_rub
payment_card payment_card_kzt payment_card_kzt
payment_card payment_card_mdl payment_card_mdl
payment_card payment_card_byn payment_card_byn

Payment Providers

The list of Payment Providers that support the Card

Icon Name Code
zotapay Zotapay zotapay
qiwi Qiwi qiwi
paybox Paybox paybox
123x 123x 123x
cardpay CardPay cardpay
portmone portmone
maxpay Maxpay maxpay
xpayua XPAY xpayua
paymegaio paymegaio
twelvelive twelvelive
tranzzo Tranzzo tranzzo
decta Decta decta
hashconnect Hashconnect hashconnect
platio Platio platio
paymentwall Paymentwall paymentwall
piastrix Piastrix piastrix
billline BillLine billline
easybits easybits
paylink PayLink paylink
cardgate CardGate cardgate
accentpay Accentpay accentpay
connectum Connectum connectum
odysseq Odysseq odysseq
alfabank Alfa-Bank alfabank
concord Concord Bank concord
procard Procard procard
forwardbank Forward Bank forwardbank
genome Genome genome
tkbpay TKB Pay tkbpay
paymentwall paymentwall paymentwall
wlandpay Wlandpay wlandpay
exactly Exactly exactly
xpate Xpate xpate
cypix Cypix cypix
taslink TAS Link taslink
klarna Klarna klarna

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